Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

By: stephanwu

Dec 19 2010

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Dear All,

2010 has gone by in a blink of an eye; I pray that you all had yet another wonderful year. For my family, it was a year full of joy and laughter. Nonetheless, it was also a year full of challenge and adversity.

This past August marked our one –year anniversary in Canada. With my mom working in Taiwan, my dad took over our household, and he became fully responsible for our well-being. It was not at all easy, but he has done what many would describe as “The Impossible”. Despite being, someone who had never cooked in his life, he transformed into the Cuisine Chef around this area; and, from someone who had issues changing a light bulb, he has become the super handyman, who is capable of building furniture that is not only fully functional, but also stands independently as an amazing work of art. To be honest, we have never even encounter a problem that he could not fix it on his own! But above everything, he has been more than just a loving father… He gave us strength when we needed it the most, and he has taught us how to stand on our own.

My mom is not to be forgotten. In January 2010, my mom was promoted to the CEO of L’Oreal Taiwan, the No.1 cosmetic company in the world. Everyone knows that the amount of pressure and stress she undergoes is not humanly possible. But what makes her such a phenomenal mother is that we are always on the top of her mind. Even during her busiest hours, she would still bestow her warmest regards. She is one of the reasons for which we are here today – she is the goddess who had helped our family advance.

As for my brother and I… well… we certainly lay comfortably under my parents’ wings. Wayne recently graduated from elementary school. That being said, he is currently studying happily at Pierre Elliott Trudeau H.S. , under the surveillance of his loving brother (haha… if he sees this… he is going to murder me…). Just in case you haven’t caught it… Yes, my brother and I are studying at the same school… He is actually responding well to this whole new high school experience. As for myself,  I am finishing up my last year of secondary school and applying for universities.

Some of the highlights of this year as a family include spending our new year at New York, summer trip to Chicago and Montreal, and our ski and camping trips along the year. We are definitely looking forward to our upcoming six-day trip to Washington D.C. and Philly. Furthermore, throughout the year, we certainly enjoyed all the visits from family and friends. (Because of all of you, our home has somehow become more “habitable”). One particular worth mentioning is perhaps my Uncle Morris’ visit. He ignited my interest of collecting LP/Vinyl records. I currently hold more than 1600+ of records, purchased from all over the place. Apart from these, there are also a couple memorable incidents during which we freaked out big-time. For example, the time when my mom cut her finger with a steak knife, or the time when we got robbed in Montreal.

Despite some of the more unpleasant occurrences, it is all of these little things that hold our family together, and it is all these scattered events that add color to our lives. But what are more important than any of these – is you.

You are the reason why we stand here today.

You are who make us who we are.

And for this, we are and will be forever grateful. In this special occasion, we thank you and praise you.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stephan & Family